Swiss Link

Wool Blanket | Bay Point

$ 85.00

A gorgeous take on a classic style, the Bay Point blanket from the Swiss Link Classic Wool line-up features retro colors and a timeless design. It weighs approximately 3.8 pounds, and measures a generous 84" x 60". Made with 80% wool, this blanket is top-of-the-line in quality and durability. The stitching is solid and the weave is very fine. Classic wool blankets are great for use in your car, recreational vehicle, camper, for hiking, going on picnics, camping, and function perfectly as trusted throw blankets providing insulation in the wet and cold.

Includes Fontenelle leather carrier, made by hand in the back of our shop. Colors may vary.

  • 80% wool
  • 3.7lbs
  • 60" x 84"
  • Fontenelle leather strap

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