Fontenelle Omaha

As the Holidays come to a close, we generally take some time to plan for the upcoming year. Organizing summer events, researching new brands, and designing new product for the shelves. The first couple of weeks of January also tend to be a great time to try to figure out where we want to go (and how we're going to get there) as a company. 

This year, however, we are going to have twice as many plans to make. 

The Fontenelle Omaha building

We are extremely excited to announce that in March 2022, we will be opening a second location in Omaha, Nebraska! We have roots that go very deep in Omaha, and returning to the city that started the Fontenelle story has always been a dream of ours. 

The new store will be located in the Little Bohemia Neighborhood. We can not wait to be counted among the amazing local businesses that have popped up over the last couple of years.

Inside of the Fontenelle Omaha shop

Fontenelle Omaha backyard

We could not have made this leap without the help of the folks over at Grain and Mortar/Vincent Outfitters. Without the groundwork they started in 2018, this would surely be an uphill battle for us. We were bummed to hear about Vincent's closing in 2020. Hopefully we can do the space justice. 

Be sure to follow us on Instagram for build-out progress, grand opening announcements, and product details. See you soon, Omaha.


1414 South 13th Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68108