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Wool Blanket | Arctic Shawl

$ 85.00

Looking for a beautifully crafted, classic wool blanket? Look no further than the Arctic Shawl blanket from Swiss Link. This top-of-the-line blanket is made with 80% wool and features retro colors and a timeless design. It weighs approximately 3.8 pounds and measures a generous 84" x 60". The stitching is solid and the weave is very fine, making it a perfect throw blanket for your car, recreational vehicle, camper, or anywhere else you need a little extra insulation from the wet and cold.

Includes Fontenelle leather carrier, made by hand in the back of our shop. Leather colors may vary.

  • 80% wool
  • 3.7lbs
  • 60" x 84"
  • Fontenelle leather strap

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