Obenauf's Heavy Duty Leather Perservative

$ 10.00

Obenauf's leather conditioner is an industrial strength leather preservative paste best used for conditioning full grain leather, top grain, and nubuck. Providing just the right amount of natural oil to soften and condition, and beeswax to protect the surface. The beeswax protects by preventing leather from drying, keeping the oils in while keeping the dirt and water out. 

  • 4oz
  • Made With Obenauf's Unique Beeswax/Propolis Suspension Formula
  • Beeswax Cream Melts When Applied By Hand & Buffs to a Shine
  • Originally Developed For Wild-land Firefighters Boots
  • Odorless after applied
  • Contains no harmful petroleum, solvents, paraffin, or mink oil
  • Made in Idaho

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