Where We're Going: F2

2020 was a little rough for small brick and mortar shops. Like many other businesses, we needed to reevaluate what we should be focusing on and how to move forward in uncertain times.

We've spent the last few years taking on custom projects here and there. Mostly, coasters for local bars, keychains for realtors and other leather goods. In 2019, we started offering occasional graphic design work and began printing small custom t-shirt orders. 

When the retail side of our business shut down, we had no other choice but to go full speed ahead with our custom work. Our typical days of merchandising new product and connecting with customers face-to-face turned into days of brainstorming and creating for others. We were able to team up with other small businesses and provide products and services that clients could use during the pandemic to get them through months of being shut down.

When things started returning back to normal and our shop was open to the public again, we continued with our custom work and found the line between our retail shop and creative services getting a little bit blurry. Fontenelle will stay the same. We'll always be here to provide high quality clothing, accessories and goods that are built to last. But we've decided to let our creative services stand on it's own two feet and officially introduce you to F2.

F2 is a screen printing/design studio located within Fontenelle Supply Co. Always grounded in purpose, we’re built on the belief in small, independent business’ and their importance towards communal growth. No bullshit. Only good, honest work.


Screen printing. Manufacturing. Let's create together.