The Timber

Somewhere between Nebraska and South Dakota, along the Missouri River, exists a place that is as beautiful as it is secluded: a closely guarded family property where the wilderness still feels wild and preserved hunting grounds where complete isolation is welcomed.

To us, this place is simply known as The Timber. 

Adam Fishing

It's fair to say that since we opened the shop in 2016, we've been busy. Between trade shows, wholesale accounts, and custom orders, we rarely get a chance to get away for a little while. After one of the more stressful summers of our lives, we decided that a weekend of rest was in order. We closed up the store, packed our bags, and headed north. 

At least once a year, we try to plan some kind of ambitious adventuremotorcycle trips to Montana, riding the Trans Wisconsin Trail, or camping in the Goblin Valley. However, this year was different. We were worn out. We needed an adventure that wasn't an adventure at all. 


We spent three days in The Timber fishing, camping, and exploring. Nothing dangerous or terribly exciting, but it was perfect. Sometimes four-wheeling on a sandy beach is just as exhilarating as a two week moto trip. Sometimes, sitting by the fire with friends and combing the burrs out of your dog's fur is exactly what you needed.