Fortune et Gloire



Decode the cypher, solve the riddles, and find the key.  

Fontenelle Supply Co. proudly presents "Fortune et Gloire", The Tributary, a real life treasure hunt. We've spent years planning this adventure and all of the pieces have finally come together. Heavily inspired by iconic movies such as "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and "The Goonies". We've hidden a key, no further than 10 miles from the store, that unlocks a display case here in the shop, housing the treasure.

With the purchase of a treasure hunting kit, you will get everything you will need to discover the location of the key.

Whoever is clever and quick enough will be rewarded with $100 worth of gold coins, A Filson Field Watch, and ownership of the Fertility Idol. The Idol will serve as a lifetime 15% off coupon for anything in the shop. No expiration, no limit on number of purchases. 15%. Forever.    


Have fun. Stay safe. Leave no trace.