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Nautical Tee Block Print

$ 24.00

The Nautical tee is the second installment in a line of linoleum printed t-shirts by Retrograde Prints Co. Both patterns on this shirt have been hand carved into a linoleum block and stamped on the shirt separately. Each tee is one of a kind due to the process being impossible to replicate exactly. You can expect your shirt to look similar to the rest but the amount of distress in the print will vary giving each shirt a unique appearance. Keep an eye out for the next linoleum print tee, coming soon!

  • Print: Front Left Chest and Right Sleeve
  • Shirt Color: Light Blue
  • Print Color: Scarlet, Black
  • Brand: Royal Apparel
  • Materials: 50% Cotton 50% Polyester
  • Design: Retrograde Prints Co
  • Source: Made in USA. Printed by hand in DSM, Iowa.

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