$ 24.00

Fangorn: A Fontenelle Sci-fi Series candle.

Civil war has erupted across Umbriel. The rebel group known as the Sons of Ander have taken up arms against the tyrant King Fredrik. Blinded by their lust for victory, the Sons are killing indiscriminately across the countryside. 

The lives of the people of the valley now rest in the hands of Wilhelmina Abbot, leader of the forest assassin tribe know as the Blades of Umbriel. Only Wil, with the help of her faithful hound, Romulus, can restore peace to the land. They must work quickly though. If balance is not restored soon, Xalzerth Lord of the Red could return and plunge the world into darkness.

Six time award winning author A.E. Vasser returns to this classic series for the 24th installment "Fangorn". 

  • Oakmoss
  • Lavender

Burn time is approximately 30-40 hours.

Designed and hand-poured in the shop.