Axe No. 36005
Axe No. 36005 Axe No. 36005 Axe No. 36005
$ 180.00

You pick the axe, we restore it to its original glory.

The widespread availability of the American Felling Axe, in its present day form, can be traced back as far as 1789 in a blacksmith's advertisement in the Pennsylvania Packet and Daily Advertiser in our nation's first years of independence. Although the axe has undergone some minor changes since then, such as the refinement of the steel industry and a plethora of head patterns specific to each region, its fundamental character has remained intact for nearly 250 years quickly becoming the international standard for quality hand tools. Used for generations by loggers, explorers, and homesteaders, the axe is an undeniable icon of American progression and ingenuity.

All axes are custom fitted with a hand-selected new American Hickory straight grain handle from Tennessee. You will also receive a custom handmade leather sheath and historical information specific to your vintage axe.

Each of our axes are thoroughly field tested before a final sharpening. All photos in our store were taken during the testing period, therefore your axe will be delivered with a clean edge, not represented in the aforementioned images.

We guarantee you will be pleased with the quality and attention to detail our team has put into your axe. Owning a piece of American history such as this is not to be taken lightly, for you are investing in a finely crafted product that has, and will continue to, outlast its manufacturers.

We are also now proud to offer custom paint requests. Many manufacturers in the past included partially painted handles to set them apart or for specialized groups (such as the Boy Scouts of America). Let our skilled restorers adorn your axe with a handsome color scheme of your choosing to add another level of personalization. The specific paints we select for our axes serve a two-fold purpose. First, to show a personalized mark of ownership, further increasing that sense of pride in your tool that holds a vast history. And secondly, to seal and protect the wood from the elements. The most neglected aspects of an axe that has seen heavy use are both ends of the handle. When these are improperly cared for the handle is far more likely to split or shrink due to changing humidity, resulting in a loose head which, in turn, may result in avoidable injury. Simply contact us after checking out and we will be more than happy to work with you in order to achieve the look you desire.