Apollo Candle
$ 24.00

The Galactic Space Corps. are really in over their head this time. Dominic Blackwood of House Blackwood is conducting nefarious experiments in the lower levels of CyberNet Industries headquarters. The trillionaire's moon base is highly secretive and extremely well guarded. Large numbers of the Oquit race have been reported missing, and suspected of being held against their will.

This looks like a job for the Star Boys. Join Rexx Falcon, Leviathan Onyx, and Draegan Razor as they infiltrate the compound and expose Blackwoods evildoing.

However, Blackwood's cybernetic experimentations might be the least of their worries...

The latest release from six time award winner A.E. Vasser "Apollo" is a swashbuckling adrenaline ride from the first page to the last!


This candle smells like  Dark Musk and Amber