Camp Mug - No. 019
Camp Mug - No. 019 Camp Mug - No. 019 Camp Mug - No. 019 Camp Mug - No. 019
$ 40.00
Dimensions: 5'' tall, 3.5'' wide
Jar size: 1 pint
Materials: 9oz vegetable tanned leather
Finish: Natural or waxed

While working in the shop, cruising back country roads, or sitting next to a campfire, you can bet that each member of Fontenelle Supply Co. has a Camp Mug within arm's reach. Hand made of high quality vegetable tanned leather, each mug's sleeve is engineered to withstand the heavy daily use of the outdoors adventurer.

Featuring the time honored wide mouth 1 pint Ball Jar, these beloved glass containers have been made here in the USA for over 125 years. Screw the metal lid on, lash the mug to your pack or belt, and go exploring.

Common uses for the Fontenelle Camp mug include, but have not been limited to, coffee mug, root beer floats, whiskey glass, enclosure for nature specimens, dry goods transporter, first aid kit, and a lantern.

The saddle stitching is guaranteed for life. Add $10 for a hand waxed treatment to be applied to your mug. This is recommended for those working with or around staining liquids or who do a generous amount of adventuring.

Feel free to send us any questions or comments you may have, we always love talking shop.