Twelve Days of Fontenelle Christmas - Unbranded Denim

We are very excited to be to be carrying Unbranded Denim. Much like most of the other products that we carry here in the Fontenelle store, we have been field testing them for years and can prove that they only get better with time.

unbranded denim
This Canadian company has one simple philosophy, “No branding, no washes, no embroidery, no ad campaigns, and no celebrities.” They have also been quoted saying “We think overpriced, overmarked jeans are silly. That’s why we’ve stripped our jeans down to the core of essentials: a great fit, solid construction and to quality selvedge denim. By eliminating all the unnecessary, we’re able to sell a better product at a better price.”
unbranded denim
We carry a wide selection of Unbranded. Tight, Skinny, Tapered, Straight, Tapered-Stretch, and Tight-Stretch. These come in 12 ½, 14 ½, and 21 oz Denim. Feel free to stop in to our East Village Des Moines shop and try on a pair. These jeans are tough, durable, affordable, and by far the best place to start when it comes to raw denim.