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Twelve Days of Fontenelle Christmas - Mollyjogger
Mollyjogger is an authentic heritage brand, based in the Ozark Mountains, celebrating the region's unique history of outdoor recreation and folklore. Adopting the name Mollyjogger from the original Mollyjogger Fishing and Hunting Club, circa 1890; their Spring and Fall excursions included wagons loaded with provisions, bird dogs, and a camp cook. Members filled their days with hunting and fishing, and evenings with campfire tales.
“Each were highly respected business men, yet as a whole were good naturedly regarded as a no-account, fun-loving, hard-drinking minnow tribe. They called themselves The Mollyjoggers.
-Cheri Lungstrum
The Fontenelle shop carries some of our favorite and most practical Mollyjogger products.
The Bear and Son Scrimshaw kit is perfect for the outdoorsmen in your life. It comes with everything you need to personalize your very own pocket knife.
The Iron Quill Axe sharpening stone and the Iron Quill Knife and Hook sharpening stone will keep all of your camping tools in proper condition.
Their Safety Matchers have absolutely perfect packaging and will fit the aesthetic of any home. They are also long enough to light even the most difficult candle.
Finally the Fingerling Fish Knife is just the right size to fit your either your keys or in your pocket. You never know when you might need a pocketknife and this one is as reliable as they come.



We're always getting new Mollyjogger products in. Feel free to swing by our Des Moines shop to see our latest selection!


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