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Twelve Days of Fontenelle Christmas - Blue Prairie Kitchenware

Here at the Fontenelle shop we take pride in carrying products from our local makers. We could not be more excited to feature our friend Jason Headlee from Blue Prairie Kitchenware. Jason has been making wooden kitchen utensils by hand for years now. Everything from Jam Spoons to Coffee Scoops and Spatulas. His products are made from a wide variety of sought after wood, including Cherry, Walnut, and Crab Apple.

One of the most interesting aspects to what Jason does is that the wood he uses would normally go to waste. Rather than letting the wood end up on a burn pile, he can make a kitchen utensil that will last a lifetime.

In the past, Jason has also given back to the community in various ways. Recently he donated a few spoons to a silent auction at the Jasper Winery here in Des Moines to help rehabilitate homes for people with lower income.

We are very fortunate to have makers like Jason right here in Des Moines. He is a talented woodworker and someone who gives back to the community. Swing by the shop and take a look at his amazing products.