Edison Creative

Luke and Sean have been supporters of Fontenelle Supply Co. since before we even had a name. In fact, they're responsible for the very first iteration of the classic Fontenelle logo and maker's mark. When we were still honing our craft in a cold Omaha basement, Sean and his team were always willing to have a beer, bounce ideas around, and humor us by listening to our wild dreams about someday opening a store where we could continue making things by hand, the old fashioned way.

Flash forward six years and we finally got around to putting our heads together and creating something together. What follows is the result of good friends having a good time doing what they're good at. 

We're eternally grateful for the guys at Edison Creative and wouldn't be where we are without them. If you're anywhere in the Midwest and have need of a solid, tight-knit creative team to execute an idea or concept through a visual medium, Luke and Sean are your guys.

Check them out at www.edisoncreative.com to learn more...